The best web platform to transfer your video or other large file

After you’ve spent this much time precisely syncing your audio track, working on your colour correction and finally adding your logo, you’re finally ready to send your work to your client, but how should you send this large file? What service is the best to transfer your real estate video?

We’ve had the chance to test many services at Superficie media. We eventually settled on using

We tried using iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox. All of those services are excellent and fairly straightforward to use, but they lack one main feature; extreme usability.

A “normal” real estate video of less than one minute at 4k can be as much as 3Gb. The free version of wetransfer allows users to send 2Gb. For up to 20Gb it’s $12 USD per month. However, if you plan on producing 1080p videos, the free plan will be more than enough. For the free plan, wetransfer makes money by showing ads. We found them to be clean looking and unobtrusive.

The main benefit of wetransfer is the one click download. No signup, no password; just a link you email to your clients. Our experience shows that many agents are not tech savvy (to say the least),many still using old PCs. It’s way easier to use a one click service than doing phone support to help your client sign up for a free Dropbox account just so he can get access to your file. Moreover the file will automatically be deleted from their servers 7 days after your upload on the free version, making it easier to manage (you don’t forget to delete old files).


Many services offer easy large file transfers. For the real estate market, the best is not the one with most features but the one with extreme usability and reasonable price, making wetransfer our top choice. — By the way, we don’t make money with this recommendation and this is not an affiliate post; we’re just satisfied clients.

RP Plourde

Husband and father of two, likes movies, videogames and flying drones. Cofounder of Superficie Media, a drone video company. Favorite movie: The Matrix (the first one, of course)