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RP Plourde

The content on this site is aimed not only at real estate agents, but also at anyone interested in creating quality content for their respective real estate markets (drone video creators, photographers, real estate marketers…)

Hi, my name is RP Plourde, co-founder of Superficie Media, a video production company that revolutionized real estate videos in our market. Our innovative real estate videos helped sell the most expensive and prestigious properties in our region. We were also featured by Elon Musk as a top ten finalist in Tesla’s Project Loveday contest, which, I must say, I’m very most proud of.

I quit my dream job at Apple Inc. so I could help entrepreneurs and realtors make an impact by using today’s technology.

As we got more and more contracts, I’ve started to notice two things. The first is that we’ve learned a lot by filming and editing our videos, but also in the many aspects of running a drone video business and real estate in general. The second is that quality, thorough information on those topics is difficult to find online. I created this site to share what I learned with the world.

I believe that by creating quality products, we as a community can work together and elevate our art to get satisfied, recurring customers.

Who is RP Plourde?

I’m a family man (two toddlers!) in his early thirties who’s always been interested in filming and moviemaking. It all started when I was 12; I would borrow my brother’s mini DV camera and film ninja battles with my friends (no one was harmed in the making of those home videos). Soon after, I got my first Mac, a PowerMac G5 1.8Ghz with an updated 512mb of ram (!). From then on, I was known as the video guy.

I went on to study cinema at the University of Montreal and then got a degree in video game creation from Ubisoft Studios. Life took me at Apple Inc. as a Creative Trainer and then to Cupertino as a Worldwide Guest Creative Trainer.

I always wanted to use my knowledge and special interest in cinematographics and merge it with my artistic views to offer a product no one else was offering on the market. Together with my business partner Simon, we named our company Superficie Media (Superficie is french for area).

When I have time, I still enjoy watching movies with my wife and play videogames. My favourite food is ice cream and this year, I hope to once again run a 5k — yeah, well, I’m doing circles around you, couch potatoes!

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