Accessories to bring with you for filming real estate videos

Other than your drone equipment, you should bring a few accessories to your filming location to make it easier and to look more professional. Here’s our recommendations on what to bring with you when shooting video for a real estate project.

Weather-appropriate clothes and sun protection

This goes without saying. If it’s below freezing outside, you should make sure you can stay warm for at least an hour. Consider investing in a pair of touch screen friendly gloves if you live in places where winter is chilly. Putting on sunscreen is also recommended, because no one likes getting skin cancer. Don’t forget a good pair of sunglasses. We’ve had issues with polarized sunglasses not being able to properly see the screen. Better stick with regular sunglasses or at least try them with your screen before your first shot.

Orange (or coloured) vest

Flying a remote controlled robot around a neighborhood can look suspicious. By making yourself clearly visible, you’ll decrease the chances of someone calling the police on you. If you’ll be filming drone video, make sure you’re not in the shot. Someone in a flashy vest with a remote looking at the sky is a good way to take the magic out of your video.

ID card holder

In the US you’ll be able to quickly show your pilot ID. You can also use that space to put a flight sequence checklist (paper) to make sure you get all the shots you wanted. Here’s a cheap option on Amazon.

Inside shoes – socks

If you’ll be filming inside, make sure you have appropriate footwear to walk around safely and without getting the place dirty.

Business cards

A drone flying around can bring in a lot of attention. Use it to your advantage and earn potential clients.


This goes without saying, but sometime time flies. The last thing you want is being hangry.

Lens cleaning kit

Fog or dirt on a lens can pretty much ruin an entire session. Lens cleaning kits or wipes are so cheap there’s no excuse for not carrying at least one. Pro-tip: leave one in your glovebox.


RP Plourde

Husband and father of two, likes movies, videogames and flying drones. Cofounder of Superficie Media, a drone video company. Favorite movie: The Matrix (the first one, of course)